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"Alf Hambe's voice immediately spreads an air of cosiness, a comfortable and friendly atmosphere... The sadness of the songs, which never becomes painful, strikes the listener with the intimacy arising from a familiar conversation."

Thomas Anderberg, Dagens Nyheter

"Over the years Alf Hambe's lyrics and music have gained a position among the timeless pearls of the Swedish singing tradition, containing the tone of sadness, the joy and the clever wordings that beloved songs need. Just the guitar and the songwriter in the studio - and Hambe sings with a clarity and conviction that does not leave the listener in doubt."

Inger Bengtsson, Hallands Nyheter


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  1. Visa i Molom sound
  2. Gröne greven
  3. Undars dotter
  4. Vals i Glendaloch
  5. Säg, vad blir det av oss -
  6. Näckaspel
  7. Vals i Champagne
  8. Oktobervisa
  9. Odysseus
  10. Kajsas udde sound
  11. Orgeln på vinden sound
  12. Gånglåt för själavandrare
  13. Vraga-visa sound
  14. Min lilla svarta hund
  15. I Parsifals gränd
  16. Balladen om Herr Tramp i Marrakech
  17. Jordman och Månevit
  18. I Luna land
  19. Hjulet
  20. Strålande visa