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"Som en eld och som ett väder: Folkets visor sådana de lefva och sjungas ännu i vår tid. Ur August Bondesons visbok 1903."

August Bondeson's song book in two parts contains 389 songs and was published in 1903. This record contains 19 of the songs, and will be released on the 11 February 2004.
Musicians: Greger Siljebo, fiddle, vocals, Eva Bartholdsson, vocals, Jakob Petrén, piano, synthesizer, vocals, Torbjörn Johansson, vocals, fiddle, Lars Karlsson, melodeon, accordion, Kjell Leidhammar, clarinet, Arrangements by Greger Siljebo.


With "Som en eld och som ett väder" they have made a cultural achievement. These folk and genuine songs are a part of the Swedish history which is worth preserving. There are happy and sad songs. Songs of alcohol and ruin and love and joy. Greger Siljebo's arrangements are also discriminating and the performance is excellent and both witty and serious.
Mats Palmquist, Borås Tidning

Nobody is better suited to perform these songs than Eva Bartholdsson, who is specialised in singing on the borderline between tradition and popular. The male singer Torbjörn Johansson also does justice to the songs.
Bengt Eriksson, Bibliotekstjänst

... many of the songs express longing and sorrow, and perhaps it is in these that the musicians have found the best expression. In many songs they convey a sadness which grips. But the recordings hold a rich atmosphere all over, and Bartholdsson's voice is especially capturing.
Gert-Ove Fridlund, Hallandsposten


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  1. Där red en riddare sound
  2. Elin och herremannen
  3. Här är anndag jul i år
  4. Från havet åt den lugna stranden
  5. Ju mera jag super sound
  6. Alla gossar äro klara som en dag
  7. Kråkvisan
  8. I, herrar och grevar och tullinspektor!
  9. Farväl du moder Svea
  10. Det hände sig
  11. Det var en svensker flicka sound
  12. Raskens trall
  13. Som en eld och som ett väder sound
  14. Av hjärtat jag dig älskar
  15. Där bodde en flicka
  16. Jag gick mig uti lunden
  17. Uppå dig har jag tänkt sound
  18. I fjor fick jag höra
  19. Sjömansvisa