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Alf Hambe: Ingeland

"Your curved bluish line is free from obscuring things." From Strandkväde

The title of the third cd selected from my radio recordings from the beginning of the 1990's can be seen as one of many themes in my songwriting. "Från Molom till Annorstädes" and "I Alphtars land" are the first two records in this series, but the term "Ingeland" actually appeared before both Molom and Alphtar.

Already in the 1950's, Ingeland was the result of the return to and new love for my mid-Halland coastal landscape, where the southern Swedish highlands poke out to the sea, and where many neighbouring parishes have names ending in -inge. My old coastal district soon gained new dimensions, a mixture of surrealism and fairyland, making it a very real but fantastic coast, a "sea kingdom".

So I don't see myself as describing a realistic landscape. Molom sneaked it's way in, and previously unknown fairy-tale characters, insisted on being named, appeared in Ingeland (Nowhere-land), both east and west. Moreover, Annorstädes (Elsewhere) is always here behind the sea horizon, not least if, like me, you have taken many travel themes from it.

However, Ingeland has appeared occasionally in most of my collections of poems and songs, and also appeared in fairy-tale form in my novel "Sagan om Ingeland" from 1984. Some themes from there are also represented on this cd, which you are welcome to see as a declaration of love to the coastal landscape of Halland, where I feel at home in both Ingeland and Annorstädes.

With this homage to my very real fairyland I want to send a wish to all good powers and an appeal to everybody to support the protection of our fabulously beautiful coastal landscape and its open horizon.

Alf Hambe


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  1. Strandkväde ljud
  2. I Molom vid Människodalen
  3. Flickan i Månelyktan ljud
  4. Balladen om kung Inge av Ingeland
  5. Vila nära trädet goda
  6. Spegelvärld
  7. Unica-boxen
  8. Logdansen
  9. Pausfågeln från Ingeland
  10. Vindpinan eller Balladen om tre Bröder i Halland
  11. De genomsynligas sång
  12. Snögan gubbe blå
  13. Den heliga fisken
  14. I väntan på regn
  15. Morronsprång ljud
  16. Måsfläck
  17. Besöket ljud
  18. Magnetberget
  19. Trädet
  20. Ingeland
  21. Och havet ger mig åter mina öar