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Ransäterspôjkera - kom igen!

Now Ransäterspôjkera are going again - with their first CD!

In 1985 Ransäterspôjkera became Swedish champions of "gammaldansmusik" (old-time dance music) and was the band that concentrated most on "gammeldansmusik" of all Swedish groups during the 1970s and 1980s. The repertoire was based on the Swedish tune tradition, especially that of Värmland, and also on the Swedish and Norwegian melodeon traditions. In 1988 Ransäterspôjkera ceased to play due to a diminished interest in "gammeldans". In 2005, after 17 years of silence, Ransäterspôjkera come back with full power and music bubbling with joy!


" So now it's time for a heavy come back, to the undiminished joy of all gammeldans lovers. And if I remember correctly, it sounds as if the pause has lasted 17 minutes - not years. Ransäterspôjkera still have that special drive in their music and play with an awesome swing. "
Björn Stefanson, Värmlands folkblad

" During the 70s and 80s Ransäterspôjkera was one of the best known bands in this country. With a number of LPs behind it their first CD offers both old and new material. 18 swinging tunes, where about a third are composed by Gert Ohlsson, who has been with the band from the beginning. Just move away the kitchen chairs and table for a dance! "
Lovisa Eriksson, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen


(click ljud to listen to sound samples)

  1. Mölnbackahambo ljud
  2. Roines hambo
  3. Midsommartrall
  4. Schottis i Hå
  5. Polka efter Torleif Bolstad ljud
  6. Polka från Krödshärad nr 1
  7. Mazurka efter Erik Magnus i Gôbbdalen
  8. Gundes mazurka
  9. Edebyvalsen
  10. Birgittas vals ljud
  11. Olsätershambo
  12. 90-åringen
  13. Uppat og atte
  14. Reinlendern Nordanfjells
  15. Matsupen
  16. Connys snoa ljud
  17. Tobopolketten
  18. Ransäterspolkan